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Compendium of Cars

Master Craftsman in the Art of Car Body Restoration

Art On Wheels has extensive experience in the craft of car body restoration, specialising in Historical, Classic, Veteran and Vintage marques.

At Art On Wheels a passion for detail, authenticity and absolute excellence comes together to re-create each car's original beauty, authentic character and integrity. The owner of the business has over 30 years' experience in coach building and the complete restoration of famous marques. Many of these cars involve total disassembly, exacting restoration, rebuilding and re-finishing to restore them faithfully to their original specifications. An exacting eye for detail, a thorough understanding of the design elements of each body component and a dedicated respect for perfection is fundamental to achieving a successful outcome in the most cost effective manner.

If you have a car worthy of professional restoration Art On Wheels has the knowledge, experience and the passion it takes to re-build structural automobile elements, re-create design integrity and restore flawless beauty. A picture tells a thousand words certainly holds true for the credibility of this company. Take a few moments to browse through some of the photos of work in progress and work completed.

A beautifully finished automobile is a true work of art - it is "ART ON WHEELS".

Contact Vyvian Hirons at Art On Wheels and have a chat about your next project.
He absolutely loves his work and so will you.